Set Up Follow-You Printing

Follow-You Printing extends the basic functionality of secure printing by allowing a user to release a print job to other compatible devices in the campus, regardless of the printer the user originally specified when submitting the print request. Even if you deployed multiple DRE print servers, each of which manages a separate set of devices, you can configure Equitrac to allow printing across print servers.

For example, a student who attends classes in different buildings can submit their print job from their computer in Building A, and while en route to a class in Building B, the user can walk up to the release device (embedded device) and pull the job to a compatible printer nearest them.

In a wireless scenario, a student could submit a print job from their laptop within the classroom, then simply go to the nearest terminal to release the job and take the printout back to the classroom immediately.

When a user submits a print request, they select a destination printer, but the job is actually held in DREs secure print queue. The user can walk up to the release device (embedded device), and release the job to any compatible printer in the Pull group. Users may also retrieve Follow-You Printing jobs on a device connected to a different CAS and DCE/DRE server. For more information, see Follow-You Printing Across Multiple Accounting Servers.

Pull groups are simply groups of compatible printers, manually grouped by the Administrator. Devices assigned to a Pull group can be managed by any DRE print server, allowing the user to print across Print Servers and “pull” their print job where it is needed. For full details on Pull groups, see Printer Pull Group Workflow.