Advanced Print/Copy Price Lists

Advanced price lists apply extended costs to printers, based on finishing operations and page details. The diagram represents the complex calculation performed by Equitrac to determine the total job cost.

Job Base Price

A job base price is an optional fee charged for the job as a whole, regardless of job or page attributes. For example, you can enter a job base price if you want to charge an administrative fee for processing the job.

Page Detail Costs

Page details are variable costs calculated per page. When Equitrac receives a print request, it compares each job in the request to the page detail rules you set. If a page matches attributes within a rule, the price for that rule is added to the cost calculation. If no rules match, the default page price is used instead.

Page details include transaction type, color, duplexing, tray source, media, and paper size. Optionally, set one or more page detail rules to cover all potential printing variables at the page level. For example, a separate page detail rule is needed for color letter size printing versus color legal size printing.

Equitrac evaluates the given attributes and applies page details rules in the following order:

  1. CAS compares the print request attributes with all page detail rules. If an exact match is found, CAS applies the specified charge.
  2. If the page attributes do not match any of the specified page detail rules, CAS applies the default page price for each unmatched page.

Default Page Price

The default page price is applied if CAS fails to locate a match with any print detail rule. CAS applies the default page price for each unmatched page.

Finishing Costs

Finishing costs are those performed both online and offline. Online costs are punching, binding, stapling, and folding. Offline costs are trimming, stitching, and wrapping.

Equitrac considers each finishing attribute as either True or False. A job is either folded or not folded, wrapped or not wrapped. If the job is either folded, bound, or wrapped (or all three), each finishing attribute cost is added to the total cost calculation.


Surcharges are additional charges added above and beyond other job costs, and are based on:

  • RIP/Print Charges – Charges applied if Raster Image Files are processed, or for total job size. As an example, Raster Image Processing ties up the device. You can charge per minute or per page to accommodate the amount of time that is dedicated to processing the Raster Image job.
  • Account Surcharges – Add a fixed amount or a percentage of the base price for all print jobs generated by a specific user, an entire department, or for a billing code.
  • Time-of-day Charges – Add a surcharge to the total charge job cost if the print/copy job is generated within a particular time frame and within a designated date range. For example, you can add a surcharge for jobs process during peak printing times, such as Mon-Fri between 9:00 am and noon. Time-of-day charges can be a fixed cost, or a percentage of the base price.