Alert Rule dialog box

Use this dialog box to create and modify alert rules. You can configure alert options that will occur when certain events happen. This is particularly useful for monitoring printer states. You can access this dialog box from the Alert Rules Manager dialog box.


Enter the name of the alert rule.


Use the check box to enable or disable the rule. This option is enabled by default.


Enter a description of the alert rule. This will display in the Alert Rules Manager.

Rule definition


The When box is used to create and manage the rule conditions. Rule conditions are based on the Destination State, Destination, and Fault selections. To create a condition, click the <Values> link to select the appropriate values.

Destination state — Click the <Values> link to configure the destination state condition. From the Select Alert dialog box, expand the SNMP Device Alerts tree and the Destination Alerts tree and select the options that the alert rule should perform the actions on.

Destination — Click the <Values> link to configure the destination condition. From the Select Destination dialog box, you can select multiple destinations by pressing the Ctrl or Shift keys and selecting destinations. When finished, click OK.

Fault — Click the link to choose between the Occurs and Behavior options.

  • Occurs — The action will be executed when the fault occurs. The fault condition will not be evaluated. This is the default selection.
  • Behavior — If you select this option, a <Values> link will display. Click this link to configure the fault behavior. From the Fault Behavior dialog box, configure whether the behavior that triggers the rule action is active for the time period chosen, or if the fault behavior is repeated so many times before the rule action is fired. If you do not want this level of granularity for the fault condition select the Occurs behavior.

Reminder interval — Allows you to repeat the action over a period of time. Click the link to configure the reminder interval on the Notification Reminder dialog box. If you want the action to only send the notification once, set the value for the notification reminder interval to 0 and the value will change to None. The default reminder interval is None.

You must select values for all definitions in order to save the rule.

Perform the following actions

The Perform the following actions box is used to create and manage rule actions.

  • To create an action, click the <Action> link and select Send Email.
  • To create additional actions, click Add Action.
  • To modify an action, click the desired action link or click the area next to the link and click Modify Action.
  • To delete an action, click the area next to the link and click Remove Action.
  • To reorder the actions, click the area next to the action link and click Move Up or Move Down.

Follow-on action

Select the action you want to take after this rule has been processed. You can continue processing rules or select not to process any additional rules.