Welcome to the HP MFP/Digital Sender (OXPd) component

HP MFP/Digital Sender (OXPd) component allows direct integration of HP OXPd MFPs with the workflow server.

This component provides key functionality such as:

  • Support for multilayered menu configurations
  • Support for various meta-data field types such as Text, Numeric, Date/Time, List, and Label field types.
  • Support for Single Touch Scan when there is no need to enter document meta-data at the MFP panel.
  • Support for various Scan Setting parameters; option to allow the user change the scan setting at the MFP panel.
  • Device groupings allows devices to be grouped into functional or organizational groups.
  • Dynamic forms with scripting lets users browse to desired Document Management Systems to display document profiling information.
  • Windows and Novell authentication at the MFP pane. In addition to Windows and Novell authentication, custom authentication allows you to configure specialized authentication methods.