Interactive Print Rules

Interactive print rules are server-based print rules designed to interact with the user when running on a Windows print client Interactive print rules appear different according to the rule you have chosen.

Note: Interactive print rules require workstation licensing. If a workstation client is not installed, the workstation client is not running on Windows, or it is not licensed, the rule is processed as if it were non-interactive. Interactive print rules only work in a domain environment. If Interactive rules are set in a workgroup environment, the workstation will not receive the popup, even if the workstation client is installed

To configure interactive print rules, do the following:

  1. Add a server and workstation direct IP printing rule, choosing any action from the following:
    • Allow this job
    • Deny this job
    • Hold this job for release
    • Redirect this job
    • Redirect this job and reprice it
    • Force monochrome printing
    • Force duplex printing
    • Send message to the user
    • Route to a device in group
    • Redirect this job to AutoStore (does not apply to workstation direct IP printing)
    • Redirect this job to Output Manager (does not apply to workstation direct IP printing)

Note: The redirect rule does not show unless there is at least one available print queue.

For information on creating print rules, see Create Print Rules.

  1. Map the rule to a physical device. For information on mapping rules to physical devices, see Managing Devices.
  2. Configure your devices to routing group. For information on configuring routing groups, see Work with Routing Groups.

Once the interactive print rules are configured, users have access to an interactive print routing dialog box on the Workstation where they can select which MFP to print from. See the Kofax Equitrac Windows System Manager Guide for Workstation print rules.