Departmental Pricing

Equitrac uses Departmental Pricing to set up different pricing scenarios based for specific groups of users. For example, you can create one price list for students, and a different price list for staff.

When a user assigned to a specific department sends a job request, CAS verifies their department membership and the job attributes, then applies the correct price list and charges the account accordingly.

You can also apply Departmental Pricing at the transaction level. If you create several price lists for each transaction type (print, copy, scan, fax), then apply an appropriate price list to each transaction type that a device is capable of, CAS calculates job cost based on the transaction type price list. For example, if a device’s capabilities are print and copy, you can apply one price list to print transactions, and a different one to copy transactions. To charge different copy and print transactions costs for two different departments, you would have to create and apply two print price lists, and two copy price lists.