Price List Types

There are five different types of price lists that you can create within Equitrac. Depending on the needs of your organization, you may need to define and apply a combination of price list types to each device.

For example, multi-function devices require a different price list for each of its capabilities: a basic and/or advanced price list for printing, copying, a fax price list, and a scan price list.

Price List Type Description Apply to these devices Transaction Type
Basic Print/Copy Price per page for black & white or color output Basic printers that do not offer extended capabilities. Print, Copy
Advanced Print/Copy Assign costs for extended job and page attributes. Printers with finishing options and page detail capabilities. Print, Copy
Large-Format Assign costs for extended job and page attributes for large-format jobs. Plotter printers. Print
Fax Assign costs for fax jobs by page or by minute, and optionally, by prefix. Printers with fax capabilities. Fax
Scan Assign costs for scan jobs per type and page attributes. Printers with scan capabilities. Scan

Transaction type is important because you should only apply a price list to a device that is capable of producing the particular transaction type that the price list incorporates. Otherwise, you might encounter pricing errors.