During installation or operation of the software, errors may occur. Diagnosis of the problem often requires logs generated when system errors occur and error state details are required by Equitrac Support Services to resolve the reported error condition.

Web System Manager provides a streamlined logging configuration for rolling log files for debugging purposes. The rolling logs can be simplified into standard, diagnostic or custom modes. Error messages are always logged, allowing for additional information for when an error occurs, providing further details into what failed.

Log files are rolled over when the file size reaches 30 Mb, and up to 12 rolling log files can be archived before the oldest is replaced by a new one once the file size limit is reached.

To configure trace logging settings, do the following:

  1. In System Manager, go to Diagnostics > Trace Settings.
  2. Select a service, and select Edit Trace file settings.
  3. In the Trace file settings dialog box, select the logging mode:
    • Standard – turns off Journaling and Immediate flush, sets Severity filter to WARN.
    • Diagnostic – turns on Journaling and Immediate flush, sets Severity filter to DEBUG.
    • Custom – Journaling and Immediate flush can be turned on or off, Severity filter can be set to DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, OFF.
To turn logging Off, set the Severity filter in the Custom setting to OFF.