Isolated Task Properties dialog box

Use settings in this dialog box to isolate and disable operation of a task. These settings are primarily used to troubleshoot or manage issues in a workflow that freezes or causes the AutoStore service to quit unexpectedly.

This dialog box is opened by right-clicking in the workspace for a task and then clicking Isolate Task on the shortcut menu. Tasks are enabled by default and run in the AutoStore process thread. Use settings in this dialog box to isolate a task to its own process and specify to disable it.

Option Description
Task name Displays the name of the task. This matches the name displayed on the task tab in a configuration.
User name Specifies a local or domain that the task can use to log on. The account name must have permissions that are sufficient to run the task on the server.
Password Specifies the password that corresponds to the user account.
Disable original task and save configuration Select this check box to disable the task and then save the configuration with the disabled task. This change will take effect the next time that you start the AutoStore service.
Restart AutoStore service if currently running Select this check box to restart the AutoStore if it is currently running when you click OK. This will not start the service if it is not running.