User and Group Selection dialog box

Use this dialog box to select Output Manager users and groups. All users and groups in the Output Manager database will be listed. This dialog is used to select users and groups for configuring security roles, assigning permissions for the Output Manager Console, Destinations, Sources, and Documents, and configuring notification profiles during source configuration and business rule creation.

Select users and groups

Displays the users and groups in the Output Manager database.

More Users button

If the user or group you want is not listed, click More Users to choose the type of users you want to add. Once users are added, they are placed in the Output Manager database, causing them to always be listed in the future. Choose one of the following options from the list.

  • Add OM User — Displays the OM User dialog box for adding Output Manager users.
  • Add LDAP User — Displays the LDAP User dialog box for adding LDAP users.
  • Add Windows Users and Groups — Displays the Users and Groups dialog box for adding Windows users and groups.
  • Import LDAP Users and Groups — Displays the LDAP Import Utility for importing LDAP users and groups.