View the DWS Web administration page

The DWS Web administration page is an online tool that collects information about the DWS servers and devices associated with the Kofax Unified Clients. You can use this information to troubleshoot connection issues with Kofax support or view current details of a Unified Client environment.
Note: This Web page is only available in English.
To access the DWS Web administration page, do the following:
  1. In a Web browser, enter https://<DWSHostName>:8444 where DWSHostName is the hostname of the DWS server.
  2. Enter the Domain and a local DWS administrator Name and Password. Click OK.
    Access to the web page is limited to the user running the service or a valid member of the Administrators group for the machine running DWS.
  3. Click one of the tabs to view the following information, which is typically used by Technical Support while investigating issues:
    Tab Information

    High-level information about the system running the DWS node.


    High-level component overview of DWS.


    A list of all devices pointing to this DWS, including devices that have this DWS configured as part of failover. Unless instructed to by Kofax support, do not select the actions on this page.


    High-level overview of parts of the DWS cache.


    A list of all the log files the DWS has access to. You can also clear log files from this page.


    You can run certain diagnostics on devices to assist troubleshooting.


    A list of high-level DWS information. This page also allows for you to lock down access to the DWS administration page.


    Provides information on how each device is configured for DWS failover, including which node is the currently active node and the online/offline states of the other nodes.


    Download a snapshot of the current DWS data to investigate issues by support staff. Unless advised by Kofax support, do not change the value for Limit Kofax log files from 1. Changing this value to -1 instructs DWS to download all logs files and can have a significant impact on a live DWS system. This action is best performed after hours and can temporarily put a significant increase on disk usage.


    Basic information about DWS including version number.