The following table describes system requirements for the Combined Client for Ricoh.

Component Requirement

The following are required if capture with AutoStore is enabled in Device Registration Service.

  • Version 7.0 SP1 or later
  • Licensed for Ricoh ESA capture component
  • Workflow configured with the Ricoh ESA capture component

The following is required if print management with Equitrac is enabled in Device Registration Service.

  • Equitrac 5.6 or later
  • Configure Ricoh CC embedded type
Output Manager

The following is required it print management with Output Manager is enabled in Device Registration Service.

  • Build 4.0 SP1 or later
  • OM Device configured with:
    • Embedded client type set to Ricoh
    • Unified client option is selected
  • OM Destination associated with the OM Device with the correct printer family definition.
  • Destination Group with Pending Queue.
  • OM Source Output Setting configured to Route to the Pending Queue.
The Combined Client for Ricoh supports devices with the following versions of the Java platform:
  • 4.x
  • 5.x
  • 7.x, except for 4-line LCD devices
  • 10.x
  • 11.x
  • 12.x

Refer to the Ricoh brand matrix to determine the Java platform version on a device.

The Combined Client for Ricoh provides localization support for the following languages:
  • Spanish (Latin American)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
Card readers
The Combined Client for Ricoh has been tested for the following card readers:
  • RFIDeas, MS3-00M1AKU, pcSwipe, Card: magnetic stripe.
  • RFIDeas, RDR-6081APU pcProx. Card: HID.
  • RFIDeas, RDR-6381APU pcProx. Card: Indala®/Motorola 26 bit.
  • RFIDeas, RDR-7581APU pcProx. Card:
    • MIFARE® DesFire CSN
    • ISO 14443A/15693 CSN

For RFIDeas readers, the second to last character in the model number indicates the device color (P=Pearl, K=Black, and W=White). Differences in this character do not affect device compatibility.

For the current list of Equitrac supported card formats, refer to the Equitrac supported card formats page on the Kofax web site.

CAC Authentication
To run the Combined Client for Ricoh with the CAC solution, ensure compliance with the following before installing the Combined Client for Ricoh:
  • CAC Authentication application is set to have first priority.
  • Device heap stack is set to a minimum of 45 MB.
Supported devices