Run a Missed Task

Scheduled tasks are designed to run in the future as determined by the start date and time for the task. If a scheduled task is missed by the system, that task is ignored and the next occurrence of that task is run as scheduled.

If the Scheduler service is offline when a task is scheduled to run, then the task does not run. When the Scheduler service comes back online, it does not execute any of the missed scheduled tasks. If CAS is unavailable when a task is scheduled to run, the Scheduler does execute the task.

In order to run a task that was missed when the system was unavailable, you must select the Run if missed check box in the desired scheduled task’s page. If this option is enabled, the missed task runs immediately when the system is back online, regardless of the date and time set to run the next scheduled task.

All missed scheduled tasks run in sequence when the system comes back online—missed tasks do not run at the same time. For example, if a Billing code synchronization task was scheduled to run at an earlier time than a Purge transactions task, then that is the order in which they run when the system is available again.

When the system comes back online, only the last scheduled occurrence of a missed task will run—not all missed events of a task are run. For example, if a task is schedule to run daily and the system is down for a week, only the last occurrence of that daily task will run. The system does not run a weeks worth of missed tasks.