Welcome to Office to PDF Converter

The Office to PDF converter is a process component that allows to send Microsoft Office documents such as Text, Word, PowerPoint etc, directly, to AutoStore without the need of converting them first to PDF or image. The office document arriving to the capture interface of AutoStore is converted to PDF through this process component which is further processed / routed by the next components of the workflow. This process component converts the office document to PDF with the help of the LibreOffice® application that runs as a background service.

With LibreOffice application it is possible to configure two separate workflows, since LibreOffice processes can work independently of each other. To execute separate workflows using LibreOffice application in parallel, you must apply inter process communication on TCP/IP and create separate working directories for routing the resulting PDFs.

The LibreOffice application is a free and open source office suite. It is one of the long term and reliable converting tools that provides a good rendering accuracy for different types of complicated documents. It supports and allows the execution of convertion process as a background service.

Note: The AutoStore 8 installer does not include the LibreOffice installer by default. Hence, the system administrator must install LibreOffice to be able to use the Office to PDF converter process component. AutoStore 8 is compatible only with 32 bit versions of the LibreOffice application.