Welcome to Kofax Output Manager

Welcome to the Kofax Output Manager. This web help contains the task descriptions and reference documentation that describes how to use Output Manager to manage an organization's output operations.

Kofax Output Manager gives organizations control of what, when, and how they produce and deliver information. Output Manager is designed to route documents through a centralized system. This provides significant benefits over unmanaged systems in which documents travel directly between origin and destination.

Product features

Output Manager contains the following core features:

  • Maximizes the number of sources from which you can receive documents.
  • Provides unrivaled control over documents.
  • Manages many different document destinations.
  • Ensures security and integrity of documents during the entire send and receive cycle.
  • Produces a completely integrated audit trail.
  • Provides accounting functionality to monitor and control costs.
  • Supplies tools to convert document formats for particular destinations.
  • Allows administrators, operators, end users and management to view and monitor processes.

Output Manager supports a wide variety of sources for receiving documents. However, regardless the source application, Output Manager maps document information, such author, header, or job ticket, and maps it to Output Manager document properties. This enables a workflow to route documents based on specific job information. You will find that Output Manager's many options allows users to connect seamlessly to your systems and receive files no matter where they originate.