Welcome to the Virtual Image Processing component

Virtual Image Processing component (VIP) is a process component used for image processing intended to improve the quality of subsequent image recognition by the subsequent OCR components. VIP provides a set of the following image filters for this purpose:

This component allows creation of multiple filter profiles, which can be saved for use with an existing or newly created AutoStore processes.

Within a filter profile you can apply several filters for image processing. The same filter with different settings can be included several times inside one profile if necessary.

Note: It is advised to keep the number of filters reasonably small since image-processing tasks are very processor and memory intensive.

Thirteen of eighteen filters have configuration settings allowing adjusting output image quality with the use of image preview window within filter configuration dialogs. The preview image can be zoomed in and out, as well as moved within the preview pane in order to display any part of the preview image, in case the image is bigger than the preview window. You can also set the order in which filters will be applied to images. At configuration stage, every filter configuration dialog of a particular profile displays the result of all preceding filters' application in the preview image window.

The component uses LeadTools™ technologies for image processing.