Additional Functions

The Scan Client page contains additional functions that are not scan filters or sorting attributes, but can be used to modify the scan list itself.

  • Refresh – The Refresh button updates the scan table based upon the criteria selected in the scan filters. If there are no filter criteria, it displays a list of all scans recorded before the purge interval, as set in System Manager. The list of scans displayed is a recent approximation of their status. It may not include up to the second information about scans currently in the system.
  • Delete – Regular users and administrators can select and delete any failed scan jobs from the list.
  • Set Priority – Administrators can set the priority of scan jobs to determine the order in which jobs are processed. Modifying the priority of a scan is only possible for scans in a Pending or On Hold state. Clicking Set Priority opens a new dialog where you can set the scan priority to Low, Medium, or High.