Output Manager provides a comprehensive solution for the management of your organization’s document output.

Output Manager consolidates input from multiple platforms and applications and centrally manages resources and documents, providing end-to-end tracking and reporting. Although documents traditionally travel directly from origin to destination, there are considerable benefits to routing them through a centralized system. Output Manager is built around these main concepts:

  • Maximize the number of sources from which you can receive documents.
  • Provide greater control over documents than can be found in other products.
  • Manage and expand the number of document destinations.
  • Insure the security and integrity of documents throughout the send/receive cycle.
  • Produce a completely integrated audit trail and accounting functionality in order to monitor and control your costs.
  • Supply the tools necessary to convert document formats based upon the final destination.
  • Provide an observable process to a variety of audiences including administrators, print operators, end users, and management.