Core Server Components

Equitrac is comprised of the following main core server components:

  • Core Accounting Server (CAS)
  • Document Routing Engine (DRE)
  • Device Control Engine (DCE)
  • Device Monitoring Engine (DME)
  • Scan Processing Engine (SPE)

Although there are many core server components, every Equitrac installation requires the Core Accounting Server (CAS) and either a Document Routing Engine (DRE) or a Device Control Engine (DCE) at a minimum. The Device Monitoring Engine (DME) and Scan Processing Engine (SPE) are not required for all installations.

The core components can be installed on a single server, or distributed across multiple servers to disburse the print load tracking or device management activities.

The core server components communicate on designated ports. Each component “listens” on a specific port for information or requests from the other components. Refer to ControlSuite Communication Ports in the ControlSuite® Installation Help File for a complete list of port assignments per component.

If making configuration changes within Web System Manager to any of the core server components (CAS, DRE, DCE, DME, SPE), wait a minimum of 30 seconds before these changes take effect.

The delay in updating server components is a function of the CAS polling feature. This means that the delay may be longer in the event that CAS is unavailable for some reason during that polling period after the server changes. CAS sends the change data to the relevant components once the connection is restored.