Manage Product Components Utility

Use the Manage Product Components administration application to view the Output Manager components that are or have been installed and connected to this Output Manager database.


Displays all of the installed Output Manager components and their status, component type, and server.

Component column — Lists all supported components.

Status column — Indicates whether the component is active or stopped.

Component Type column — Specifies a component type of Client or Service.

Server column — Names the server on which the component is installed.

Domain column — Names the domain on which the component is installed.

Credentials column — Specifies the Microsoft Windows logon account for the component.

Monitored column — Indicates whether the component status is accounted for in the status light representing that service type. The service status lights display to the right of the menu bar in the Output Manager Console. Move the pointer over the lights to identify the service type and status. To control monitoring, select or clear the check boxes in the Monitored column. Monitoring is available only for service components.

Note: When a server is deauthorized, if an input on that server attempts to spool in documents, the DBM rejects them and disables the input service. The DBM does not route documents to destinations on the deauthorized server and disables the output service.

DBM Activation Status column — Indicates if the Output Manager DBM Service is activated. This column will display Activated or Not Activated for DBM components, depending on the activation status.

Add server button

Option not available

Edit server button

Option not available

Remove server button

Option not available

Refresh button

Updates the list of installed components.