Creating Large-Format Price Lists

You can create a large-format price list for devices that offer large output, such as a plotter. The cost calculation for a large-format price list is the same as advanced price lists. Adding together the Job Base Price, Page Detail Costs, Default Page Price, Finishing Costs, and Surcharges creates the total cost for the job. See Advanced Print/Copy Price Lists for details on how this cost is calculated.

The Default page price calculation is slightly different for large-format pricing. The default page price is still factored into the total cost calculation, but you must also set the unit of measure you want to use for the default page size. If you select a linear measurement, you must also enter the precise Roll width of the paper. If CAS evaluates a page, but cannot find a match to any Page detail pricing rule, then the default page price is used for that page instead.

To create a new large format price list, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Pricing, and then select Large-format from the Add Price List drop-down list.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for the price list.
  3. In the Job attributes section, do the following:
    1. Set the Base price to be used as a processing fee. Equitrac charges the base price to all print/copy jobs. This price is optional.
    2. To set the Finishing operations (such as, Punching, Binding, Stapling, Folding, Trimming, Stitching, and Wrapping), click the Edit icon and enter the Price for each operation..
    3. The Basis column is not editable, therefore per job or per copy is a fixed attribute for each operation.
  4. Set the Page detail pricing for a specific combination of page attributes.
    1. Set the Default page price to apply to every page that does not match the page detail pricing rule.
    2. Select a unit of measure from the per drop-down list. For example, square inch or linear foot.
    3. Click Add to create a new pricing rule.
    4. In the Add Page Detail Pricing dialog, click any attribute, and select an option from its drop-down list.
    5. Enter a Price for the page detail pricing rule.
    6. Click OK to close the Add Page Detail Pricing dialog.
  5. Surcharges are optional additional charges based on Raster Image Processing (RIP), specific accounts or departments, or time of day. See Setting Surcharges for more information on how surcharges affect the total job cost.
  6. Click Save.