Add Source dialog box

Use this dialog box to select the type of source you want to add. After you select the source type, a window will display showing all of the configuration options.


Selects the type of source you want to add. The available source types are AutoStore, ControlSuite, Email, FTP, IPP, LPD, Mobile Server, NetWeaver, Network Folder, Output Manager, Socket Connection, TCP/IP NJE, WCF API, Web Upload, WebSphere MQ, and Windows Queue.

Add new devices

Specifies the number of sources you want to create. Administrators can create thousands of sources and configure them simultaneously using bulk configuration. The sources will be created in the selected source group.

Import devices from configuration (.CSV) file

Imports a list of sources into Output Manager. This is particularly useful if you have a database, spreadsheet, and so on, that lists your existing equipment. You can save that document as a CSV file and then import it to create matching sources in Output Manager.

To import, enter the path and file name of the configuration file or click the Browse (...) button to navigate to the file. The imported sources will be added to the selected source group.