Welcome to the Send to Printer component

Use the Send to Printer component to send scanned images directly to a printer. This component also allows you to select the printer size, source, and zoom level. All print drivers for each printer must be installed and configured on the server.

Use the Send to Printer component to define and designate a printer as the destination for images that are sent to the server. This component enables the Multifunctional devices to define copying function keys that scan documents and automatically send them to a defined printer location.

Send to Printer provides batch printing of commonly used image files formats such as TIFF and JPEG.  It also allows the user to print PDF format after acquiring a special license.

With this component you can print documents to any printer that is configured in the machine where the system is running. The system can also switch between printers based on the name or the extension of the document file name.

The component can be used both as a process component or route component in a process workflow.

This component uses Lead Technologies to manipulate different file formats without using any native application in the service machine.  The printing process is achieved by using the printer drivers installed in the service machine, because of this you must setup previous to configuring the process any printers that you want the component to use.