Unified Client failover

Each device is associated with a primary DWS. When you are creating an application in DRS, you now have the option to include up to three backup DWS servers. If the primary DWS fails or is offline, the secondary DWS server will support the device, allowing the device to continue functioning for users. If a backup DWS server fails, then the device moves to the next DWS in line until it becomes offline when no DWS is reachable. The device stays on a single backup DWS until the primary DWS server is available again; the device does not move up the list of backup DWS nodes. The device only returns to the primary DWS when it is not in use and may go through a period where the device is locked until the primary DWS takes back control.

Currently this feature is only available for the Unified Client for Brother and the Unified Client for HP.

  • If Manual Device Configuration is used to installed the device, failover is not supported. See Manual Device Configuration.

  • When you use multiple DWS servers for failover, if a DWS server is terminated during the printing or scanning, that print/scan job transaction is not tracked.