Application properties

A Device Registration Service application profile for the Unified Client for Canon specifies connection information for an AutoStore server. This information allows a device to use capture and print management services on these servers.

These properties appear in the Device Registration Service Details pane when you add or edit a Unified Client for Canon application. You cannot change the application type for an existing application.

Property Description

A name that uniquely identifies an application.

Application Type

To create a new Unified Client for Canon application in DRS, choose Canon for this option.

The remaining properties shown here appear after you make this selection. You cannot change the application type after you save a new application profile.

AutoStore Server Address

Identifies an AutoStore server to be used to capture documents.

This can be an IP address, a system name (if the systems are in the same domain), or a fully qualified domain name. We recommend that you use an IP address only if it is static.

AutoStore Server Port

The port that the AutoStore server uses to communicate with clients.

This setting must match the port number that is set on the Preferences tab of the Unified Client for Canon component settings in AutoStore. The default is 3310.

AutoStore Server Use TLS Select True or False. This setting should reflect your AutoStore server configuration. Verify it in the Preference tab of Unified Client for Canon component. By default, the AutoStore setting "Use TLS" is OFF. If you leave it as OFF, you should select False in DRS.