Routing Based on Device Status

In a typical environment, the print queue backs up when a device is down. Unaware of the device status, users continue to send jobs to the printer and become frustrated when they cannot get their print jobs.

In combination with the Rules & Routing feature, DME solves this problem. You can create rules that logically re-route print jobs sent to a device that is in a specified fault status for a designated period of time.

Within Web System Manager > System Configuration > Rules and Routing, click Add rule set from the list of Current tasks. Check Device status, then choose a particular fault condition that causes jobs to be re-routed. When the DME intercepts a device status condition that matches the routing rule, it notifies DRE. DRE then directs any jobs waiting in the device’s print queue as per the redirect criteria are met. If a print job is already started on the device, it is not rerouted.

You can also specify a fault duration for the rule. In the case of a Paper Jam, a user often comes along and fixes the jam immediately. If you set the duration, the device must be in the fault state for at least that period of time before the routing rule is applied. Most likely, a user fixes a paper jam within 5 to 10 minutes, so you might want to set the routing rule to re-route jobs only after the status has not changed in 10 minutes.

Do not enable status-based routing if you are using Follow-You Printing. The settings for these options conflict and produce unexpected behavior. Choose one option only.