Troubleshooting Unified Client for Xerox EIP Connect

Problem Cause Solution

After a document is scanned, the Scan Completed message is not displayed on the console.

This feature is not turned on by default.

Edit the Xerox web.config file to display the Scan Complete message before users complete a scan job.

  1. Make sure that you are logged onto the AutoStore server as an administrator.
  2. Open the Xerox web.config file.
    Tip: This file is located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\ASXeroxEIPWeb20 folder.
  3. In the <appSettings> section, add the following setting:
    <add key="monitorJobStatus" value="True"/>
Note: If the setting is already included in the web.config file, change the value to True to enable the feature. The default value is False.