Release Prints to First Available DRE

Multiple DRE print servers can be deployed in any environment, and specific devices can be assigned to each DRE. Although there are multiple DREs, each of which manages a separate set of devices, users can release jobs across all available print servers. With secure printing enabled, users can release a print job to any compatible device within the environment, regardless of which device the user originally specified when submitting the print request.

When a user submits a print request, they select a destination printer, but the job is actually held in the DRE secure print queue before the user releases it at the device. In a multi-server setup, the user can authenticate at any device in the environment and select the print server that contains the document they want to release. The user can then retrieve their print job via Follow-You Printing on a device connected to a different DRE server.

For example, you can have an multi print-server environment which consists of DRE-1, DRE-2 and DRE-3; each with their own dedicated secure print queue for document release, and with each print server managing a separate set of devices.

In this scenario, a user can submit their print request to a device associated with the secure print queue on DRE-1, and then choose to release their job at a different device where the print queue is hosted on both DRE-2 and DRE-3. When this happens, Equitrac automatically requests to release the print job using the print queue on DRE-2. However, if that print server is not available, it then finds the next available print server to release the job, which in this case, is DRE-3.