Notification Profile dialog box

Output Manager allows you to send notifications when specific events occur in the document life cycle. Notifications are sent according to defined notification profiles. Notification profiles specify which events generate notifications (document arrives, prints successfully, prints on failover destination, or is in error state), the type of notification for each event (email or pop-up), the text of notifications for each event, and who should get notified. For example, you can configure a pop-up to display after a document prints successfully. Use this dialog box to create and configure notification profiles.

You can access this dialog box when you configure a source, create a business rule with a notification profile, or assign a notification profile in the Documents grid.


Specifies the notification profile name.


Specifies a description of the notification profile.

Notifications grid

Lists the notifications that will be sent. You can Add, Modify, or Remove the following types of notifications, depending on where you accessed this dialog box.