AutoStore ControlSuite Service settings

The AutoStore ControlSuite Service settings allow you to configure the ControlSuite workflow to use external products with AutoStore.

Note: You must configure the AutoStore ControlSuite Service - settings to set up the ControlSuite workflow for the external products with AutoStore. You can locate the AutoStore ControlSuite Service configuration button in the upper right corner of the AutoStore Process Designer (APD). Also, every AutoStore ControlSuite component provides this button on the component's main configuration page.

The AutoStore ControlSuite Service - settings has two tabs:

  • Service: The Service tab is used to specify the details of Windows service and the web server it hosts.
    Note: AutoStore ControlSuite components start the service automatically when they are initialized.
  • Control Suite: The Control Suite tab is used to enroll this instance of AutoStore as a client. It is also used to enroll the services that the server hosts.

The following tables describe the fields of Service and Control Suite tabs.

Service tab fields

Field Name Description
Windows Service Name Display name of the Windows service.
Note: This name appears in the Windows Management Console also.
Windows Service Event Log Name of the system event log.
Note: This name appears in the Windows Management Console also.
Enable trace level logging Check this option if troubleshooting a problem involving the service or Control Suite™ client and service enrollment.
Service Data Directory Base data directory where the workflow definitions, workflow job instructions and document files are maintained.
Server Host Name Name of the server host machine.
Port Number Port on which the web server listens for requests.
Note: The port number is 49001
Enable Secure Transport Protocols List of secure transport protocol versions for the web server to support.
Note: Selecting Default is the system wide default policy.
Server Certificate You must select a certificate that the server uses during the secure transport handshake, if you select a secure transport protocol other than None.

The certificate must be valid and clients that connect must be able to validate and trust this certificate.

Click Details to see properties of the selected certificate, including valid date range, the issuer, subject, and object identifiers (OIDs) which indicate the primary usage of the certificate.

Control Suite tab fields

Field Name Description
Client Name Name of the client, which is AutoStore with FQDN appended. This uniquely identifies the client on the system and within the Control Suite domain.
Server Address The URL address of the server.
By enrolling the client, you are effectively identifying the AutoStore application as a client of the Control Suite Shared Services.
Note: To enroll the client and services you must supply the same credentials that are used at the time of Control Suite installation.
Enroll client Check this option to enroll the client with Control Suite.
By enrolling the services, you are informing the Control Suite server and other registered clients of the services that AutoStore provides.
Note: To enroll a service, the client must be enrolled.
Enroll the document store service Check this option if the ControlSuite components may use the document store service.
Enroll the workflow job submission service Check this option only if your workflow uses the Workflow Job Submission component.
Security Administrator User Name and Password User name and password for the security administrator.