Welcome to the Samsung component

The Samsung component allows you to capture documents from Samsung devices and send the documents to any of the route destinations that are supported by the Workflow server. Working from the MFP, users can use forms to provide scan documents and enter information that can be used to identify, process, and route the documents appropriately.

The Samsung component provides the following features:

  • Allow different set of forms to be used with groups of devices.
  • Support for Tree, List, Text, Checkbox, Numeric, Date, Label, Button and Lookup List field types to create flexible forms.
  • Simplified creation of forms for sending scanned documents to an email address destination or to a folder destination.
  • Easy sharing of forms with the use of the save/load form from template functions.
  • Forms are extensible through VB.NET and C#. You can create more interactive forms and validate before a document is scanned. Integrated editor with IntelliSense makes the creation of scripts easier.
  • Windows authentication at the MFP panel.
  • In addition to Windows authentication, custom authentication allows you to configure additional authentication methods.
  • Allow only certain users to have access to a form.