Add Columns dialog box

This dialog box allows you to edit columns that will display by default in the Destinations, Sources, Library, Devices application views. You can also edit columns for the Output History and Document Owner.

Open the Add Columns dialog box by clicking the Add button on any of the tabs in the Administration - Configure Columns utility. Select check boxes in the first column to add columns to a grid view, and then click OK to save your changes.

Column Description
Click a button in the first row to select a column. You can drag across buttons in this column to select adjacent check boxes. Press Shift and click to extend selection of check boxes. Press Ctrl and click to add columns to a selection.
Select the check box in this column to add a column to a grid. Click the button at the top of this column to clear all check boxes.
Column Name This name identifies the column.
Display Name This name is the initial Display Name for a column. This is the name that appears in a destination, source, library, or device grid view. You can edit the Display Name after you click OK to close the dialog box.