Filter Profiles tab

Use this tab to define and select configurations for each format. You can access this tab when you create or modify a transform package on the Configure Transform dialog box.

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Format grid

Use the grid to select or create a filter profile for each format.

  • Format column — Displays all available formats. The formats that display vary depending on the transform package selected on the General tab.
  • Configuration column — Specifies the configuration to be used with each format. Click in the column to select a configuration from the drop-down list. The default profile is selected by default for all formats. All previously created configurations will be listed in the drop-down list.
  • Modify/New column — Modifies the selected configuration or creates a new configuration from the Configure Filter Profile dialog box. Because the default configurations cannot be modified, if you click the browse button (...) for a default configuration, a new configuration will be created when you save.