Print Queue Viewer

The Print Queue Viewer provides a tool for Administrators to view and delete documents within the secure print queue. Each DRE has its own print queue, and therefore its own Viewer. If you deployed multiple DREs you can run multiple Viewers at the same time. You must specify the print server (DRE) you want to connect to when you launch the Viewer.

The Print Queue Viewer utility is installed as part of the management tools when Equitrac is installed on your system.

The EQPrintQueueViewer.exe file is placed in the Program Files\Nuance\Equitrac\Tools folder, and a shortcut is created in the Equitrac group under the Windows Start menu.

To open the Print Queue Viewer, do the following:

  1. On your Windows desktop, go to Start > All Programs > Kofax > Print Queue Viewer.
    This creates the Viewer icon in the Windows task tray.
  2. Double-click the icon to open the Print Queue Viewer.
  3. Click any document in the list to select it. Hold down shift or ctrl to select multiple documents in the queue.
    You can sort documents in the list by clicking any of the column headings visible in the Viewer.
  4. To delete selected documents from the queue, press the Delete key or choose Delete from the Document menu.
  5. You can also complete the following actions:
    • Select View > Simple view or View > Full view to change the default view depending on how many document details you want to display.
      Note: Start the Print Queue Viewer with the -s option to customize Viewer’s visible columns. Select View > Custom view, and then select View > Select columns to select or clear columns as desired.
    • Select View > Hide to close the Viewer without shutting down the service. The Viewer icon remains visible in the Windows Task tray. Use the Refresh option to update the Viewer document list while the Viewer is open; the list does not refresh automatically.
    • To shut down the service, right-click the icon in the task tray and select Exit. You can also select Show/Hide to open or close the Print Queue Viewer window.