Fax Price Lists

Fax price lists calculate the total price using three variables: base price per job, surcharges, and price per page or per minute. A fax price list requires a combination of the following: Name, Description, Base price, Page detail charges, and Surcharges.


Fax price lists are assigned to a device within the Web System Manager > Devices link. Each fax price list must have a unique name.


You can use the description field to differentiate two similar price lists. For example, you might have two fax price lists that are identical except one charges per page and the other charges per minute. Use the description field to make note of the difference.

Fax Base Price

Every fax, no matter the size or duration, is charged this base price, in addition to the variable page details charges and the surcharges.

Page Detail Charges

You can create charging rules that are applied per fax page or per minute of the fax duration. Either edit the Default rule, or add a new rule. You cannot adjust the Prefix value for the Default rule, because it is designed to be a general rule that is used whenever the attributes of the fax job do not match any other rule.

For new rules, enter the area or country code in the Prefix column. When the fax number dialed matches this prefix value, the rule is applied to the fax. You can create a combination of both per page and per minutes charges. For example, you can charge a flat rate of $1.00 per page, and an additional time charge of $1.50 per minute.

Fax Surcharges

Surcharges are optional charges added for fax jobs generated during a specific time frame or by a specific account. Equitrac evaluates each fax job and assigns these surcharges if a match is found.