Price Lists Overview

A price list is a collection of charging rules you can apply as a set to one or more network devices. These charging rules define how Equitrac assigns charges to printing accounts for transactions based on attributes such as page count, page attributes, finishing options, and surcharges. A price list can also accommodate time-of-day charging.

When you first install Equitrac, a flat-rate price list is assigned by default. Any print job generated to any monitor device uses the flat-rate price until you change the pricing options. The flat rate is set to 0.01 per page initially.

When planning your pricing strategy, considering factors such as device-specific capabilities, primary or dual pricing requirements, and department pricing needs. Make sure you evaluate the capabilities of each printer within the deployment. The Port Monitor examines incoming print job data only, as opposed to print output. If you create a price list for a black & white printer, but mistakenly assign color pricing to that printer, a user who sends color output to the printer is charged for color output, even though the device cannot print in color.

Other pricing considerations are primary or dual pricing requirements and department pricing needs.