General tab (Transform Package)

Use this tab to specify the transform package you want to use. You can access this tab when you create or modify a transform package on the Configure Transform dialog box.

Note: IPDS mentioned in here is not available for new sales.

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Displays the transform server name.


Specifies the transform package name.


Specifies the type of transform package that Output Manager uses to convert print stream data or the IPDS transform package that Output Manager uses to send print data to IPDS printers. The Output Manager transform package allows you to convert to and from PCL, Postscript, PDF, Text, and common image formats. The IPDS transform package is available only when configuring an IPDS destination. IPDS destinations are licensed on a per-printer basis and are not available for new sales.

EXE path

Specifies the EXE path. For the Output Manager and IPDS transform types the executable path is automatically selected, @EOMTransformDir. For a third-party transform package, enter the path to the appropriate transform package directory.

Output Manager Transform package configurations can be reused on different servers. The installation of third-party transform packages, Ghostscript, and Adobe Acrobat readers should be in the same locations on all servers if possible.

You cannot point a third-party transform package to an Output Manager transform executable because licensing is different for each type. The Output Manager license is part of Output Manager. Third-party transform package licenses may need to be installed separately.

Logging state

Specifies if all transform logs and temp files will be saved in the document folder. By default, the Logging State is set to Yes. This will save all transform logs and temp files in the document folder. These log files should be inspected during installation and preproduction testing to insure that fonts are correctly mapped. In a production system, the Logging State can be set to No to save disk space. If the transform operation returns an error (return code not zero), the log and temp files will not be deleted, and are available for troubleshooting.