Working with configuration templates

Templates are a simple method of saving a frequently used set of configuration parameters. After a template is created you can always copy this template to a new configuration file by selecting it when the Process Designer presents the list of templates. You can also add tasks from a template to an existing configuration. For details about using templates, refer to the following topics:

Topic Description
How to create a configuration template To reuse a configuration, or the tasks in a configuration, you can save it as a configuration template (CTF) file.
How to save selected tasks in a configuration to a template file To save selected tasks or a single task in a configuration to a template, first save the entire configuration to a template file and then delete task tabs that you do not want from the template.
Create a configuration from a template This topic describes how to create a configuration from a template.
How to add template tasks to a configuration Follow steps in this procedure to add tasks from a configuration template file to a configuration in AutoStore Process Designer.
How to verify or change the AutoStore template directory This procedure describes how to view or change the location of the AutoStore template directory.