Using Output Manager in a Citrix environment

Three of the components included in the Output Manager software are the Universal PostScript Driver, the Job Monitor port, and the Output Manager Desktop Client.

The Universal PostScript Driver and Job Monitor port work together to receive print jobs into Output Manager. These components are installed on the Windows print server when Output Manager is installed. These components are used to define a Windows printer that is shared to workstations from that print server. Workstations, or in the case of Citrix, virtual desktops, connect to the shared printer, allowing user applications on that system to print documents into Output Manager.

To use Output Manager with Citrix:

  1. Set up and configure the Citrix environment. The Citrix environment must be able to deliver the shared desktop of the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machine.
    Note: Use a regular print server, not a Citrix print server.
  2. Install and configure the Output Manager server. Refer to the Output Manager installation and configuration information in the ControlSuite online help.
    • Create and share a Windows printer print queue, which can use the Job Monitor port and Universal PostScript Driver printer or another type of print driver.
    • Configure and assign the Print Rules Profile for each user if needed.
  3. Install the Output Manager Desktop Client on the VDA machine.
    • In the Output Manager Console , click Tools > Desktop Client Installation to generate an *.msi file for the Desktop Client.
    • Contact the Output Manager system administrator for instructions on installing the Desktop Client to the VDA machine.
  4. Deliver the VDA machine's desktop to the Citrix user.
  5. Citrix users can then access the virtual desktop of the VDA and print a document into Output Manager.