Web Server Configuration

Follow the steps below to configure the Web Server:

  1. In Business Connect Server Configuration Manager, click the Web Server tab:
    Web server configuration
  2. Record Web Server URL and Admin Tool URL. The Admin Tool Web page is used to monitor and maintain general Web server settings, locations, users, and more.
  3. If the Server status is Running, click Stop.
  4. Select the Web server type, either Embedded Web Server or Internet Information Service (IIS), and then click on the corresponding Configure button.
    1. In the Embedded Web Server Configuration dialog box, provide the Web site’s Mobile Server port and Admin Tool port, and then click OK.
      Embedded Web Server Configuration
    2. In the IIS Configuration dialog box, provide the Web site’s IP address and Port, and then click OK.
      IIS Configuration
      Note: IIS must already be installed on the server before it can be configured.
  5. Click Start to restart the service.
  6. Click Apply to save the settings.
  7. Check in the ControlSuite™ Enrollment section, if Kofax Business Connect Mobile Server is discoverable by other Control Suite components.
    1. If Service enrollment status is Not enrolled or if the Service enrollment URL is outdated, then use Configuration Assistant to correct the situation. For details on enrollment refer to Configure Control Suite in the Control Suite Installation Guide.

      Web server configuration with outdated URL
    1. Relaunch Configuration Manager and make sure that Service enrollment status is Enrolled, and the new Service enrollment URL is equivalent of Mobile Server URL.