Text Extraction Variable Definition dialog box

Use this dialog box to create one or more variables that will be used for bursting or extraction. You can access this dialog when you configure Burst - Line Mode and Burst - Page Mode business rule actions.


Specifies the name of the extraction variable.


Provides a description of the extraction variable.


Specifies the type of extraction variable, Burst or Extract. The Burst variable is used to set the burst conditions on the Burst Conditions tab. The Extract variable is used to extract text from the document. It becomes an extraction variable available on the Set Document Properties tab. You can set a document property from the value extracted in the extraction variable.

Once a variable of a particular type has been created, it cannot be changed to the other type.

Trim Spaces

Specifies if you want to remove spaces found at the start and end of the extracted text. To remove the spaces, select the Trim spaces check box.

Location on page

Determining location is different for bursting using line mode and bursting using page mode. See the descriptions in the appropriate sections of Working with Business Rules.

Line mode

Line/Record — Specifies the line/record number from which the text will be extracted. If you are detecting using records, it will be the record number of the current page (that is, variables on page 2 and greater are relative to line 1 on that page). If you selected Banner mode, the recognition line becomes line 1 and the extraction variables are relative to it.

Column — Specifies the start column for the extraction.

Extract — Specifies the number of characters to extract.

Page mode

Specifies the region (rectangle) from which text will be extracted.

Tip: The region values can be found by viewing a document with the Output Manager viewer. In the viewer, click View > Text Selection Mode on the menu bar. Then, drag the cursor to select the desired region. The coordinates will appear in the status bar.

Upper left corner X coordinate — Specifies the upper left corner X coordinate.

Upper left corner Y coordinate — Specifies the upper left corner Y coordinate.

Width — Specifies the width of the region in millimeters (mm).

Height — Specifies the height of the region in millimeters (mm).

Page selection

These options are only available for Extract type variables.

Specifies the page of the newly created burst document from which you want to extract the text. You can enter a Page number or select First page with non-blank value in selected location.