Device Configuration dialog box

Use the device configuration dialog box to configure properties for a device.

Open this dialog box by right-clicking a device in the Devices application and then clicking Configure on the shortcut menu.

Table 1. Dialog options
Option Description
Device name Shows the current network (DNS) name for the device. This is a read-only field.
Manufacture Shows the manufacture for the device. This is a read-only field.
Model Shows the model for the device. This is a read-only field.
IP Address Specifies the IP address for the device.
DNS Name Specifies the DNS name for the device.
Serial number Specifies the serial number for the device.

Dialog tabs

Click in this table to view information about a tab.

Table 2. Tabs
Tab Description
SNMP Use options on this tab to configure updates Output Manager destinations that are auto-detected SNMP devices.
Device Details Use this tab to configure embedded client setting for a device.
Kiosk This tab associates kiosks to a device.
Job Status This tab allows you to enable and configure options for tracking jobs. Not displayed for Konica Minolta devices.