Control Transaction Tracking

The default behavior of Equitrac is to track all transactions. Each time a job request is submitted, CAS validates the job request, then logs the transaction details to the database. However, in some cases, transaction tracking may cause legal difficulties (e.g. privacy and data retention laws). Equitrac provides a transaction tracking override option to temporarily remove specific transaction details, or to hide the document name for reporting purposes. When these options are enabled, the job transactions will not be saved to the database.

  1. In System Configuration, select Global System Configuration > Accounting and Quotas > Color Quota, Transaction Tracking and Unidentified Documents.
  2. Select the Enabled (record all new job transactions) option. Transaction tracking is enabled by default, however, there are two available override options that prevent specific job transaction details from being saved to the database. When transaction tracking is disabled, color quota is not enforced and account balance is not updated. During this non-tracking time, account and device activity reports will contain no data. However, all data in the system prior to disabling tracking will be reported as normal.
    • Hide document name within reports. This option replaces the document name with "******" in all reports that typically display the document name in the Description column in Reports. This option also includes uplink reports. In a multiple CAS uplink setting, the transaction data uploaded from a subsidiary CAS to the master CAS will hide or display the document name according to the master CAS setting. For example, if the subsidiary CAS is set to hide the document name, and the master CAS is set to display the name, any reports generated on the master CAS will display the document name. See Configuring Multiple CAS Servers.
    • Remove transaction user info. This option removes the user ID, document name, workstation name, server name, and fax destination phone number for all print, copy, scan and fax transactions. Instead, all transactions are tracked against departments. When the transaction is posted, CAS substitutes the user ID database field with the department field. If a department is not associated with the user or transaction, then the user ID is replaced with the account name defined in Web System Manager under Unidentified documents. See Handling Unidentified Documents.
  3. Click Apply to apply the changes.

When the specific transactions are completed, Enable transaction tracking—without hiding the document name, or removing transaction information—to continue tracking to the database.