Equitrac Communication Port Reference

The following table describes port usage in Equitrac environment.

Table 1. Equitrac Ports
Machine running this component Port to Open Enables communication from
Core Accounting Server (CAS) TCP 2910 DRE, DCE, DME, Workstations, Web Client
Document Routing Engine (DRE) TCP 2938 DCE, CAS, Workstations
Device Control Engine (DCE) TCP 2939 CAS
TCP 1824 Embedded devices – Xerox
TCP 2063 Embedded devices – Kyocera
TCP 4941/4942/443 Embedded devices – Sharp
TCP 7627 Embedded devices – HP-OXP
  Embedded devices – Konica Minolta
  Embedded devices – Ricoh
  Embedded devices – Toshiba
Device Monitoring Engine (DME) TCP 2942 DRE, CAS
DME Console UDP 2613 CAS, DME
Scan Processing Engine (SPE) TCP 2064 CAS, DCE, Web Client
Service Location Protocol (SLP) UDP 427, TCP 427 CAS, DCE, DRE/DRC
Device Web Server (DWS)

TCP 8080

HTTPS 8443

Device Control Server (DCS) TCP 2943 DCE, CAS
Web Client HTTPS 443 Web Browser
Web Personal Account Statements and Scheduler TCP 2941 Web Browser
Equitrac message client* UDP 4940 DRE
Interactive print rules* TCP 4940 DRE
Note: *The Workstation Client installer opens these ports.

Equitrac strongly recommends using the HTTPS protocol with IIS. For more information refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article "How To Set Up an HTTPS Service in IIS".