Create business rules

Use this procedure to create a business rule. You will configure conditions and actions.

  1. In the Output Manager Console menu bar, click Tools > Business Rules.
    This opens the Business Rules Manager dialog box.
  2. To create a new rule, click Add.
    This opens the Business Rule dialog box.
  3. Enter a rule Name and Description.
  4. Use the Enabled check box to determine if the rule is enabled or disabled.
  5. If you want to apply the rule to all documents, select the Always execute this rule (no conditions) check box.
    This will disable the When box, as no condition statements are needed. If you select this option, skip to step 7.
  6. Use the When box to create and manage the rule conditions. Multiple conditions can be created and organized into groups. A box is used to indicate a condition group. To create a rule condition, perform the following steps.
    1. In the When box, click the <Target> link. Use the list to select a Document or System condition.
    2. Click the Operation link and select the appropriate operation.
    3. Click the Value link and select the appropriate value to complete the condition.
      To include additional condition statements or create groups of conditions:
      • Select a condition radio button (inside the box) to enable the Add Condition and Remove Condition buttons for adding and removing condition statements.
      • Select a group radio button (outside the box) to enable the Add Group and Remove Group buttons for adding and removing groups. This will also enable the Add Condition button for adding a condition to the selected group.
  7. Under Perform the following actions box, use the following procedures to manage actions.
    • To create an action, click the <Action> link and select one of the actions.

      For more information about configuring actions, see Create business rule actions.

    • To create an action, click the <Action> link and select an action.
    • To create additional actions, click Add Action.
    • To modify an action, click the action link or click the area next to the link, and then click Modify Action.
    • To delete an action, click the area next to the link and click Remove Action.
    • To reorder the actions, click the area next to the action link and click Move Up or Move Down.
  8. From the Follow-on Action list, click the action you want to take after this rule has been processed. You can continue processing rules or select not to process any additional rules.
    Note: When new documents are created as a result of a rule action, the processing of the new documents varies from the processing of the original document. The new documents continue with the next rule action. The original document, if you choose Continue processing rules, skips the next rule actions in the current rule, and goes to the next rule. Transform, Burst, and sometimes Advanced Document Modification actions create new documents. For example, when you transform a document from postscript to PDF, a new document is created, or when you burst a document into 10 documents, 10 new burst documents are created.
  9. Click OK to save your business rule.