Manage business rules

This procedure provides the basic steps for managing business rules.

  1. On the Output Manager Console menu bar, select Tools > Business Rules.
    This opens the Business Rules Manager dialog box displays. The business rules grid lists all of the defined business rules in the order they will be processed.
  2. Selecting a rule will display the rule for preview below the grid. Use the following procedures to edit rules in the grid.
    To Do this
    Determine if a rule is enabled or disabled Use the check box in the Enabled column.
    Change the follow-on action Click in the Follow-on Action cell and select the action you want to take after this rule has been processed. You can continue processing rules or select not to process any additional rules.
    Modify the rule Double-click the row.
  3. Under the business rules grid, use the following procedures to configure rules.
    To Do this
    Create a rule Click Add to open the Business Rule dialog box.
    Modify a rule Select a rule and click Modify.
    Delete a rule Select a rule and click Remove.
    Create a copy of a rule Select a rule and click Copy.
    Rename the rule Double-click the rule or select the new rule and click Modify.
    Reorder the rules Select a rule and click Move Up or Move Down.
  4. Click OK or Apply to save your changes.