AdHoc rules

AdHoc rules run on user-selected documents that are spooled. Complete rules can be processed using conditions, or just actions for unconditional processing. AdHoc rules can be scheduled.

Ad hoc rules are used for documents that exist in Output Manager, where business rules are used for documents as they enter Output Manager. Ad hoc rules can be initiated by scheduling a task in the Schedule Manager, by using the Run Now option in the Ad Hoc Rules Manager, or by running a configured rule in the Documents grid or business rules. An example use for ad hoc rules is to merge a set of documents into a package.

AdHoc rules are built with the Rules Manager, which is opened by clicking Tools > AdHoc Rules on the menu bar. Rules Manager has a complete list of how AdHoc rules can be used. Uses include modifying document contents, assigning document ownership, routing documents, running business rules, and setting document state. AdHoc rules can also be used to create and manage packages, which contain collections of documents.