Failover rules

Failover rules control how to automatically switch to a different destination when errors occur.

Failover profiles are created with the Failover Profile dialog box, which is accessed by clicking on the More Settings tab of the Destination Configuration dialog box.

A failover profile can be assigned to a document at the source, or using business rules. In the absence of a profile assigned to the document, the default failover profile can be used.

The default failover profile places a document in an error state after all retries fail. You can add and configure a failover profile to route the document to a destination. The follow options are available for configuring a failover profile:

  • Place a document in error state.
  • Reroute a document to the default failover group of the failing destination.
  • Reroute the document to a specified location.
  • Reroute the document to a destination in a specified property.