Set up business rules

Business rules are set up and managed in the Business Rules Manager.

  1. To open the Business Rules Manager, click Tools > Business Rules.
    In the Business Rules Manager you can create or modify business rules as well as adjust the processing order of the rules.
  2. To create a new rule, click the Add button.
    This opens the New Business Rule dialog box.
  3. In the Name box, type the name for the rule.
  4. Optional: In the Description box you can briefly describe the purpose of the rule.
  5. For Rule definition, either select the Always execute this rule, click <Target> in the When box, and define Document or System conditions to invoke a rule:
    Type Defines
    Document Document conditions to apply for rule.
    System Day and time conditions to apply for rule.
    For example, Document lets you specify virtually any property associated with the document. After you select a target, you click to choose an <Operation>, such as Is Equal To or Begins With, and then click <Value> to specify a value. The operations and values depend on the selected target.
  6. Click the Add Condition button to add another conditions to the current group, or click Remove Condition to delete the currently selected condition.
    Conditions within a group are logically combined by AND or OR. You can click the logical operator on a condition to switch between AND and OR.
  7. Click a group radio button (the left radio button) to select the group. You can then click Remove Group or Add Group.
    Groups are logically combined by AND or OR. You can click a logical operator between groups to switch between AND and OR.
  8. In the Perform the Following Actions, click <Action> to add actions to perform as targeted in the When box.
    Actions are performed in the order that they appear in this box. You can click buttons to add, modify, remove, and reorder actions.
  9. For Follow-on Action, specify whether to continue processing rules after completing actions specified by this rule.