Socket settings tab (Sources)

Use this tab to configure a socket source.

Documents received by the IP address and port specified will be received into Output Manager. You can access this tab when you create or configure a socket source.

Port — Specifies the port number. The default number is 9100.

IP address — Specifies the IP address on the local system where the socket device will receive documents. In most cases, this can be left blank, as most systems only have one IP address. For systems with multiple adapters or if multiple IP addresses are supported (that is, when using a VPN), this specifies the IP address for the appropriate port.

Click the browse button (...) to select one of the available connections, or enter the IP address directly in the box.

Support PJL status readback — Enables the socket source to emulate two way printer communications. The print job sender can send PJL commands that prompt a printer to respond with status information, and if it expects a response, it may wait until that response arrives before continuing with the job.